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EMPIRE MUSCLE is not your typical "fitness club." We cater to and accept only those who are fully committed to their fitness goals and demand SERIOUS improvement. At EMPIRE, we possess the knowledge, tools, and experience, and YOU must provde the work ethic and determination.

Real gyms encourage CHALKING UP


EMPIRE MUSCLE specializes in training athletes through the practice of heavy weightlifting. This methodology has been observed to provide the most drastic and rapid physical changes in the body. Most commercial gyms discourage this type of training, and are operated by large corporations - you are a membership number and a pre-authorized payment contract, not a team member.  Why tolerate contracts and corporate business structure? Why tolerate staff that asks you to lower your level of intensity?  EMPIRE MUSCLE understands what it takes to create the body of your dreams, and actively encourages the explosive atmosphere and mindset your training requires.  Even more importantly, Empire is locally owned and operated; our staff and clients are friends and family, and we are always available to address any questions or concerns.


For more information, call the gym directly at 519-819-0528 or visit our Contact Page.



EMPIRE MUSCLE was founded in February 2015 by Andrew Hedges, a competitive bareknuckle knockdown fighter and avid weight lifter.  Empire was intended to be a home for athletes who recognize the benefits of increased strength and endurance in high-level athletic competitons, as well as the type of equipment and atmosphere necessary to train for championship-level performance.


Learn more about Knockdown Karate here or visit Kihon Karate on Facebook.

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