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EMPIRE MUSCLE occupies approximately 3,250 square feet of commercial space in Windsor's West End. 


Empire's facilities include dedicated deadlift platforms, a matted dumbbell area, men's and women's dressing rooms (complete with showers), several power racks, and a miltipurpose fitness area complete with heavy bags, and full-length mirrors.


Empire also maintains a list of certified professional strength coaches and personal trainers to assist you in every aspect of contest preparation, or just to help you achieve your goals. Visit our Personal Training page for more information.

Everything you need - nothing you don't


EMPIRE MUSCLE boasts a full complement of Olympic and Powerlifting-standard barbells and plates, and a full powerlifting competition set, including calibrated ROGUE plates, ROGUE Combo Rack, and ROGUE Ohio Power Bar.

Empire also hosts a matted dumbbell area, adjustable-pulley cable system, squat racks, Hammer Strength leg press, leg curl, and leg extension machines, a self-spotting bench press, the Rogue Y-1 Yoke/Sled system, prowlers, Farmers handles, battle ropes, and Atlas Stones.

Functional Power

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