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This page is a place to highlight and acknowledge the success of EMPIRE MUSCLE members and clients in the pursuit of their goals both in and outside the gym!


Patricia came to EMPIRE battling a lifelong struggle with food. At her heaviest, Patricia was tipping the scales at 406 pounds. Since that time, through a dedication to improving her quality of life, Patricia has drastically modified her       
                 eating habits and has shown tireless
                 commitment to the exercise plan designed and 

                 implemented by her coach.

                 Working with her trainer, Patricia has lost well in

                 excess of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS of body fat,

                 and is stronger and more mobile than ever! Daily                   tasks that were once a debilitating struggle now

                 pose next to no difficulty, and each day is easier

                 and more pain-free than the one before.

Patricia is an incredible example of the way a commitment to increased health and fitness, as well as perseverance in the face of great hardships, continues to prove its value in improving the quality of our lives. 



Alex has been working with her personal trainer for just over a year, and in that time has made profound progress both in the weight room and in her personal life!

Alex has made incredible strength and fitness gains, which recently culminated in an excellent performance at EMPIRE's second in-house 3-lift powerlifting competition in November 2017.

Alex continues to be a regular feature at EMPIRE, and has maintained her training regimen even during a successful career change!


Steve was an avid lifter before he joined EMPIRE two years ago, and has since then exploded onto the competitive powerlifting circuit.

He made breakout performances at EMPIRE's first-ever in-house powerlifting competition as well as the 2016 Belle

       River Open powerlifting competition. Following these

       initial offerings, Steve attended the 2017 Ontario

       Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships,

       where he rocked the competition by exploding to a

       podium finish as a first-time provincial competitor.

       This performance not only earned Steve a medal, but it

       ranked him among the 100 strongest OPA lifters of all


For information on becoming a member at EMPIRE MUSCLE and potentially joining the growing list of exceptional achievers, get in touch through the channels below!

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