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Developing any skill takes consistent practice and dedication - too often, however, individuals

assume that protecting themselves from a violent attack is somehow different. 

Self defense is a set of skills just like any other - They become more potent with practice, and they degrade over time if neglected. The recent bloom in violent assaults and attempted kidnappings in Windsor and the surrounding area makes these skills more relevant than ever.


EMPIRE MUSCLE's self defense programs are designed from the ground-up to include techniques and concepts that have been conclusively PROVEN in real-life self defense situations. No material is theoretical. Every technique, both physical and psychological, has been used successfully in potential life-or-death altercations.

experienced instruction

Many self defense classes are offered by gyms, personal training studios, and martial arts clubs promising a crash-course in a collection of elaborate "killer" techniques to disable or disarm any attacker - Does this sound too good to be true?

ANDREW HEDGES, champion bareknuckle fighter and professional private security veteran, developed EMPIRE's self defense program from years of formal training paired with a career in high-profile security in both Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. He has extensive experience as a martial arts instructor, and intimate firsthand knowledge of the skills and mindset required to survive a violent encounter.

If you are interested in learning more about EMPIRE MUSCLE's street-tested Self Defense training, CONTACT US for upcoming course dates or to book private or group classes.

We are currently accepting registrations for the May 2019 course! Click HERE to visit the registration page and reserve your spot today!

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