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occupational use of force

In association with Pekiti Tirsia Tactics, EMPIRE is proud to offer occupational Use of Force, Handcuffing, and Expandable Baton training and certification.



Instructor Andrew Hedges is a third-degree black belt, private security veteran, and an instructor certified in affiliation with the international Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association.

Andrew brings his extensive martial arts background and real-world experience and application to the curriculum developed by the PTTA to deliver training and certification that well surpasses all industry standards.

Course material can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization, but all courses will include (at minimum) a component addressing legislation and ethical application of force, court-defensible application and articulation, and hands-on, practical demonstration and execution of techniques.

If your organization needs practical and proven use of force, handcuffing/arrest procedure, and/or expandable baton training and certification for employees, CONTACT US for information regarding private seminars, workshops, and upcoming course dates.

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upcoming course dates

August 20 - Use of Force/Handcuffing Recertification, GardaWorld Security

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