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My name is Ty Scratch, and I am proud to be offering professional powerlifting coaching and personal training services at EMPIRE MUSCLE in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I have been involved with health and fitness for 9 years. My athletic background includes 15 years of hockey, including 4 years of AAA, Jr C and Jr B-division competition.

I competed in natural bodybuilding in 2015, where I placed first in the junior category and 3rd overall.


Following my introduction to competitive bodybuilding, I shifted my focus to Powerlifting where I have had great success. I currently have 10+ junior Provincial and National records in multiple weight classes, I am the youngest Canadian in history to have ever bench pressed 500lbs in a drug tested or untested organization.


I have won 2 Provincial championships in 2 weight classes, won a national championship in 2018, and placed 3rd in the junior 120kg+ category at the 2018 International Powerlifting Federation World Championships.

Most recently I have lost 100 pound in a span of 8 months while still keeping my focus on competition-level strength training.


As a way to give back to the sports I love, I have decided to offer my successful and proven training strategies to those who are eager to learn about and develop their physical potential.


With my own experience and personal journey in many different aspects of health and fitness, I am willing to take on any challenge a client presents to me. As a team, we will work towards YOUR personal goal!

If you are interested in booking a commitment-free introductory movement assessment, contact EMPIRE MUSCLE today!

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